The World’s Three Most Dangerous Arrows

adv248_cvrWhen most people receive a fatal diagnosis from the doctor, they get depressed. Green Arrow is not most people! The title “The World’s Three Most Dangerous Arrows” refers to three special arrows that GA created and locked away as far to dangerous to ever use. And this is the man who created the Atomic Warhead Arrow. These arrows aren’t dangerous for the target, these arrows could kill the archer!

With nothing left to lose, GA retrieves the killer arsenal from the vault. “… There is nothing to fear now! I’m going to die anyway!” The amazing thing is that he doesn’t decide to use them because he needs them, he just wants to fire them before he dies. How heroic! Of course, he finds the perfect time and place–and safe method– for each arrow in a single evening.

Trick arrows that appear in this story (in order of appearance):

  • Electronic Arrow (When fired, sets up a small electrical storm near the bow)
  • Satellite Arrow (Emits a jet-stream behind the bow that can kill the archer)
  • Super-Boomerang Arrow (A super-sonic arrow that returns so swiftly it cannot be avoided)

Story Spotlight

  • Title: “The World’s Three Most Dangerous Arrows”
  • Writing: Ed Herron
  • Art: George Papp
  • Publication: Adventure Comics #248 (1958)