Glider Arrow

The original Glider Arrow is had a small glider just large enough for the arrow itself. It was essentially a paper airplane tied to the shaft. The trick was designed to maximize the distance that the arrow could travel.  Green Arrow was conducting a stunt in an attempt to travel “Around the World in Eighty Arrows.” With the right wind, the Glider Arrow could really pick up some distance.


Then things got weird. Ollie decided to make a Glider Arrow that he could ride. Borrowing from the technology already in the Parachute Arrow as well as the Rocket Arrow he created a truly unique vehicle. And it fits in a quiver!


  • Type: Utility Arrow
  • Frequency: Very, very rare
  • Effects: An arrow containing a compact hang glider.
  • Variations: Glider Arrow (Life-Sized)
  • First Appearance: Adventure Comics #190 (1953)