The 50th Century Bowmen!

Adv_Comics_194_CVR“The 50th Century Bowmen!” is yet another story where our heroes are whisked away to another period in time. In this case, they travel to the far future of the 50th century. Naturally, they arrive in the middle of a bank robbery… with the crooks they were chasing committing the crime! With no time to get oriented, the archers go to work. Their quivers are stocked with new, fantastic arrows that they instinctively know how to use. By the end of the story they return to their own time, with no hopes of returning to the future to find out how the adventure ended. (Note: My copy was badly torn, so I may have missed something in the story.)

The twist is that it may have been some sort of parallel universe. Or a case of mass hypnosis. The scientists that zapped them away in the first place don’t really know!

Trick arrows that appear in this story (in order of appearance):

  • Rocket Arrow (A futuristic form of the trick)
  • Super-Acetylene Arrow (A very powerful form of the trick)
  • Anti-Atom Arrow (Can be fired into a rocket’s exhaust to kill it)
  • Light Screen Arrow (Creates a rotating wall of blinding lights)
  • Anti-Gravitation Arrow (Mentioned in splash page, never used in story)

Story Spotlight

  • Title: “The 50th Century Bowmen!”
  • Writing: Ed Herron
  • Art: George Papp
  • Publication: Adventure Comics #194 (1953)