Bloodhound Arrow

The Bloodhound Arrow is capable of tracking by scent. It can only track certain chemicals, though. It is essentially a guided missile that can detect a chemical signal through “smell.” It could be very useful if you can tag an opponent with a splash of the right perfume. Maybe GA needs to create a eau de Cologne arrow.

The most amazing part of this arrow is that it travels slowly enough to follow. It must have some sort of hovering mechanism.

Hawkeye has an arrow that acts as a ‘bomb-sniffer.’ This is real technology. Well, not in an arrow it isn’t. But a portable explosives detector could certainly be useful. I don’t know if a thermite tip is necessarily a good idea for finding explosives.


  • Type: Utility Arrow
  • Frequency: Very, very rare.
  • Effects: An arrow that can track by scent.
  • Variations: Bomb-Sniffing Arrow
  • First Appearance: World’s Finest Comics #118 (1961)

Reality Check

Chemical detection of explosives is a cornerstone of aviation security. Typically called “trace detection,” this approach can find minuscule amounts of residue left behind after someone handles an explosive. A form of this technology called ion mobility spectroscopy is what Transportation Security Administration officers are using when they swab and test your laptop, hands or other items at the airport. In a few seconds, a sample is vaporized, and the resulting chemical ions are separated by molecular size and shape, triggering an alarm if an explosive compound is detected.