Knife-Edge Arrow

Arrows, for the most part, are piercing weapons. With all of the trick arrowheads added, there is still one thing that they are not very good at: cutting. Standard broadhead arrows have a bit of an edge, but they are very short and inefficient for cutting. Despite the number of times we have seen Green arrow or Hawkeye shoot through a rope, it’s really a bad tool for such things. The Knife-Edge Arrow is designed with a wide blade specifically for the task of cutting or slashing.

The form of the actual blade comes in a variety of shapes. Most blades are placed perpendicular to the shaft, but a few are parallel. They can be convex or concave. Some of them use a crescent design that is based upon a real arrow (quite coincidentally, I’m sure) called the Rope Cutter. The Scissors Arrow is especially reminiscent of this device, specifically the Japanese form called the karimata. It resembles a Prong Arrow more than a standard broadhead arrow.


  • Type: Lethal Arrow, Utility Arrow
  • Frequency: Rare
  • Effects: An arrow with a long, sharp edge for cutting and slashing.
  • Variations: Knife Arrow, Cutlass Arrow, Ice-Cutting Arrow, Blade Arrow, Scissors Arrow
  • First Appearance: Adventure Comics #126 (1948)

Reality Check

ropecutterThe Roman emperor Commodus held Plebeian Games in which he shot hundreds of animals with arrows and javelins every morning. He was said to have created a specially designed crescent shaped arrowhead to shoot the heads off of ostriches.