The Green Arrow Robin Hood!

adv_264_CVRThe Green Arrow was inspired by the character of Robin Hood. That is no great revelation. It was inevitable that somehow, someway, the two would join forces. The heroes actually met on more than one occasion, but today we are concerned with a story called “The Green Arrow Robin Hood!” a story in which GA actually became Robin Hood.

The Silver Age was well under way in 1959 and fantastic tales of science fiction were becoming a regular thing, even in adventures like those of Green Arrow & Speedy. While visiting the Robin Hood museum, Green Arrow is mysteriously transported into the past! He finds himself in a cave with a wounded Robin Hood. Naturally, he does the only logical thing, he dresses himself as Robin and takes his place.

He takes Robin’s own bow and arrows. Soon he improvises some trick arrows. These medieval arrows were versions of GA’s more common tricks. To make a medium story short, he rescues Maid Marian for Robin. As he is about to explain what happened, a random bolt of electricity returns him to the present.

Trick arrows that appear in this story (in order of appearance):

  • Falcon Arrow (An arrow with feathers and talons; version of the Grappler Arrow.)
  • Yoke Arrow (A pronged arrow capable of trapping two heads.)
  • Jousting Arrow (Medieval boxing glove arrows.)
  • Vine Arrow (Medieval rope arrow)
  • Soot Arrow (Medieval smoke arrow)


Story Spotlight

  • Title: “The Green Arrow Robin Hood!”
  • Writing: Robert Bernstein
  • Art: Lee Elias
  • Publication: Adventure Comics #264 (1959)