Siren Arrow

The Siren Arrow is a noisemaker designed to create the sound of a police siren. It is used primarily to scare criminals. It also summons police. For some reason. (Apparently, in the Golden Age, police would automatically run to the sound of a siren.) It could also be used as a form of tracker arrow by attaching it to the target as it goes off.

The sound of the Siren Arrow is not loud enough to be used as an attack like the Sonic Arrow. It makes an excellent distraction, though. GA had a handful of noise-making arrows. The others would mimic the sounds of storms or wild animals.


  • Type: Utility Arrow
  • Frequency: Very Rare
  • Effects: An arrow that creates the sound of a police siren.
  • Variations: Noisemaker Arrow, Thunder Arrow, Whistling Arrow, Talking Arrow
  • First Appearance: World’s Finest Comics #29 (1947)