Dummy Cat Arrow

This is my 100th Trick Arrow post! To celebrate the occasion, I have a real special trick. This one is one of the Internet’s absolute favorites.

Previously in the Quiver we’ve seen our fair share of fake animals. The Bait Arrow comes with either a fake duck or a fake fish. The Antler Arrow has a set of moose antlers attached. The Balloon Arrow has been shaped into multiple animals.  The masterpiece of them all is the Dummy Cat Arrow, aka the Fake Cat Arrow.

If you’ve done any searching around on the Internet for trick arrows, chances are you have seen this image.


Once again, I am here to provide the backstory behind this beautiful out-of-context panel. Be warned, though, context doesn’t really help. What you see is what you get; that is a fake cat on an arrow shaft.

It comes from a story called, “The Cop Who Lost His Nerve.” The cop in question suffers from acute ailurophobia, or fear of cats, and it is interfering with his job.


Naturally, Green Arrow takes it upon himself to fix this situation in the most logical way, psychology. Just kidding! He makes special arrows.



GA & S follow the poor cop around around on his beat waiting for the right moment to use their special arrows. Fortunately, it doesn’t take long for the right opportunity to come along. (Have I mentioned that this is the most crime ridden city in history?) Fred soon finds himself held at gunpoint, and…


Once again, the day is saved and a deep rooted psychological trauma is banished! I don’t know where the real cat came from. I think perhaps that is the dummy cat and Fred’s psychosis has taken a nasty turn.


  • Type: Bizarre Arrow
  • Frequency: Unique
  • Effects: An arrow with a dummy cat attached. No, really.
  • Variations: Bait Arrow
  • First Appearance: World’s Finest Comics #121 (1961)

Reality Check

Ailurophobia is the persistent, irrational fear of cats. The name comes from the Greek ailouros (cat) and phóbos (fear). Also known as gatophobia, it is a very real condition which is often, though not always, played for laughs. Ailurophobia seems to show up a lot in anime. It appears in characters from Ranma 1/2, Cowboy Bebop, Nyanko Days, and others.

In the United States an estimated 22% of the population has a fear of some kind of animal. Most animal phobias, including the fear of cats, are easily treatable. Just not as easily treated as in this story.