Blunt Arrow

The Blunt Arrow is the oldest form of non-lethal arrow types. It is designed for making head shots with terrific, but safe, impact. An accurate shot will stun or knock out the target. A concussion means the opponent will wake up with a hell of a headache, but they will wake up. Hawkeye will use blunt arrows as long as they don’t have a boxing glove. (This was the predecessor to the Boxing Glove Arrow which does the same thing, but with style. ) Most Boomerang Arrows are blunt.

To call this a trick arrow is not entirely accurate; these arrows are altogether real. It is a great trick shot arrow, though. It can press buttons, disarm opponents, and push things over. It is the best arrowhead for ricochet shots. A lot of the best trick shots use a blunt arrow. Anytime there’s a risk of causing too much damage to a person or object, this arrow is the best option.


  • Type: Non-Lethal Arrow
  • Frequency: Universal
  • Effects: An arrow with a blunted arrowhead, designed to stun.
  • Also Known As: Stunner Arrow, Knockout Arrow, Hammer Arrow
  • Variations: Boxing Glove Arrow, Battering Ram Arrow

Reality Check

In the context of comics or video games it is a non-lethal arrow, but the blunt arrowhead is actually used for hunting small game. In fact, there are several different kinds of blunt arrows used for hunting. Depending on the hit, they could cause some real damage to a human sized target, too, especially with a head shot.

However, some blunt arrows are meant to be fired at people. Archery tag is a growing sport where people are given a bow and a quiver of ‘safety’ arrows. Safety arrows have very large heads with rubber or foam padding. Bow strength is limited for such use which helps keep damage minimal. LARP, or Live Action Role Playing, generally uses the same safety equipment.

They still hurt when they hit, though. Trust me.