Prong Arrow

The Prong Arrow is an otherwise standard arrow with a multi-pronged arrowhead. That means that instead of the single point at the tip it has two, three, or even four sharp points. This style of arrowhead reduces penetration depth making it much less lethal. The trade off is that it has greater penetration hold when it is embedded. You need to pull out more than one point to dislodge a prong arrow. This offers greater strength when used with an arrowline.

The most common form is the two-pronged arrowhead. Green Arrow used to use this one quite a bit to immobilize opponents. He loved to fire the arrow so that it trapped the target’s wrist between the two prongs and pinned them to the wall. The very first one had expanding prongs that could encircle the crook’s entire chest.


  • Type: Non-Lethal Arrow
  • Frequency: Uncommon
  • Effects: An arrowhead with two or more prongs.
  • Also Known As: Multi-Prong Arrow, Pronged Arrow, Forked Arrow, Trident Arrow
  • Variations: Claw Arrow, Grapple Arrow, Hairpin Arrow, Tri-Clamp Arrow
  • First Appearance: World’s Finest Comics #84 (1956)

Reality Check

Pronged, or forked, arrowheads have been used in hunting for centuries. These arrowheads are not meant for large prey animals like deer or buffalo. They are intended for smaller animals like rabbits, fish, and frogs. Some of the arrowheads are even referred to as “frog gig” tips.