Kryptonite Arrow

The Kryptonite Arrow is a truly infamous weapon.  It was created by Batman for the express purpose of taking down Superman in The Dark Knight Returns (1986). Batman gave the arrow to Oliver Queen (who previously lost an arm to Superman) as part of his master plan.

This story had a huge impact on the comic book industry, and this arrow was an important part of the story’s climax. If you’ve ever wondered where the idea that Batman can beat anyone if given ‘prep time’ came from, this is it.

Today, variations of the kryptonite arrow have appeared in more mainstream comic series, including Injustice. It also made appearances on the TV shows Smallville and Arrow.


UPDATE: In one of the strangest bits of retconning I have seen, it turns out that Green Arrow & Speedy were using Kryptonite arrows from the very beginning! In a story from Adventure Comics #266 (1952) it was revealed the the green stones which they used to make their signature arrows were part kryptonite. Superman reveals this fact at the end of the story “The Case of the Vanishing Arrows!” He spent the entire story stealing or destroying the arrows as GA & S used them. Only at the end does he show himself and say why, which is a silly way to go about getting rid of them when GA would have gladly done it if he knew what the problem was. Maybe Superman didn’t really trust him. (Considering the first official appearance of the arrow, maybe he shouldn’t have.)



  • Type: Lethal Arrow
  • Frequency: Very Rare
  • Effects: An arrow with a green kryptonite payload for use against Kryptonians.
  • First Appearance: The Dark Knight Returns #4 (1986)