Hulk Hands Arrow

Hawkeye has never used a Boxing Glove Arrow. It was always too silly. So leave it to Deadpool to pay homage to the greatest trick of them all.

Inspired by Hawkeye, Deadpool decides to create and use some trick arrows. The first one he pulls out is the Hulk Hands Arrow, a shaft with a large, green fist on the arrowhead. The fist is clearly a (real world) toy called “Hulk Hands” which is made of foam rubber and therefore wouldn’t be terribly effective in combat. He seems to be mocking Hawkeye more than anything else. But with Deadpool, we should know better. After a second, the inert arrow explodes violently. “The trick is that they’ve all got explosives in them!”

Later in the fight, he tries to use another Hulk Hands Arrow (the hands are sold in pairs, after all) and the bouncy arrowhead makes the arrow ricochet wildly off the walls. Fortunately, a real archer is present and Hawkeye deflects the arrow before it can blow up on them.

HulkFistArr SmackHim


  • Type: Lethal Arrow
  • Frequency: Very Rare
  • Effects: A bouncy explosive arrowhead that roars when it hits.
  • Variations: There’s nothing quite like it.
  • First Appearance: A + X #8 (2015)

Reality Check

HulkHandsHulk Hands were originally merchandise for the 2003 Hulk film. They consist of large, foam-rubber, clenched fists which can be worn similarly to mittens. They resemble green oversized boxing gloves that can be used to strike things. The Hulk Hands are wired so that when they hit they make smashing sound effects as well as Hulk roars or “Hulk smash!”


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