Zombie Tooth Arrow

According to some lore, when you are bitten by a zombie you will become a zombie. This is the way it works in the Marvel Zombies universe. Normally this can only happen at very close range. But when the zombie is a super-archer, this is what happens.

The Zombie Tooth Arrow was created by the zombie clone of Golden Archer from the Supreme Squadron. It’s an ingenious idea for someone utterly lacking in brains. Golden Archer pulls out his own teeth and straps them onto an arrowhead. The fact that it works proves that the power to transform humans into zombies comes from the teeth alone, at least in this instance.

However, Golden Archer didn’t really think things through. When his target becomes a zombie, he also becomes invulnerable, and the rest of Golden Archer’s arrows are now useless against him.

Archer never was too bright.


    • Type: Lethal Arrow, Improvised Arrow
    • Frequency: Unique
    • Effects: Transforms target human into a zombie.
    • First Appearance: Marvel Zombies Supreme #3 (2005)


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