Plastic Net Arrow

Xeen SplashThe Plastic Net Arrow makes a single appearance in the Green Arrow story “Prisoners of Dimension Zero!” from Adventure Comics #252 (1958). It is used by Xeen Arrow, Green Arrow’s fifty foot tall counterpart.

Xeen Arrow turns out to be a crime-fighting archer, too, with a number of trick arrows. This one trails a line of sticky white goo that coats the target in “some gummy substance” trapping them. The real power of this arrow is getting past the censors, though. The Plastic Net Arrow looks like it could be his version of the Putty Arrow rather than the Net Arrow as the name might imply. It is listed as unique here because we only see it once, but it could be a common part of Xeen Arrow’s arsenal.


    • Type: Non-Lethal Arrow
    • Frequency: Unique
    • Effects: Coats the target in a sticky, white goo.
    • Variations: Putty Arrow, Glue Arrow
    • First Appearance: Adventure Comics #252 (1958)