Rocket Arrow

rocketarrow02The Rocket Arrow is a truly versatile weapon. It is difficult to define because it has been seen used in so many ways. This seems to stem from the various images that the word ‘rocket’ can conjure rather than a deliberate plan. Different writers clearly have different ideas for what the trick should do.

The arrow has a type of missile as an arrowhead. The missile has a rocket engine on-board which fires after the arrow is released. This results in an arrow with impossible range and speed. The rocket’s thrust is strong enough to carry two fully grown humans aloft. Some rocket arrows have two-stage rockets for even more power. This aspect of the trick is intended for use with an arrowline.

The rocket arrow can also be used for offense. The missile packs an explosive payload or perhaps the fuel is designed to detonate on impact. That could explain why the size of the explosion varies so much in size.

There are times when the trick is loaded with a blinding magnesium flare as well. All of these options make the Rocket Arrow one of the most useful arrows in the quiver.


  • Type: Utility Arrow, Lethal Arrow
  • Frequency: Uncommon
  • Effects: Has a fueled rocket as an arrowhead.
  • Variations: Arrow-Rockets, Two-Stage Rocket Arrow, Glider Arrow
  • First Appearance: More Fun Comics #87 (1943)