Handcuff Arrow

The Handcuff Arrow is one of Green Arrow’s signature tricks. It has been used in every decade since it appeared in the 1950s. It was even used once (ineffectively) by the Connor Hawke Green Arrow. A variation of the trick has appeared on the Arrow TV show.

With all of his entrapment based arrows, this one seems redundant and inefficient. The archer has to hit the target’s wrists in the just the right way in order to get them to close effectively. Like the Boxing Glove Arrow, though, the visual effect handcuffs suddenly appearing is strong and part of the appeal. Judging by the pictures, the cuffs are intended to be a classic police style set of handcuffs even though disposable cuffs are much more common today (thus the Zip-Tie variation).

The Handcuff Arrow is useful if you don’t want to wrap up the entire target. Firing just at the target’s ankles it makes a most effective snare. One advantage that this one has over other arrows is the ability to handcuff the target to another object. An incredible trick shot will cuff the target’s arm to a post or pipe and can even catch them in free-fall.



  • Type: Non-Lethal Arrow
  • Frequency: Uncommon
  • Effects: Snaps a pair of handcuffs around the target’s wrists.
  • Also Known As: Handcuffs Arrow
  • Variations: Zip-Tie Arrow
  • First Appearance: Adventure Comics #227 (1956)