Ultron Immunity Gas Arrow

This one is really weird. Not Vacuum Arrow weird, but rather “Really?” weird. It was never officially named, so we’re going with the cumbersome yet accurate Ultron Immunity Gas Arrow.

Back in Avengers #171 (1978), Hank Pym devised a chemical that would make people immune to Ultron’s blasts.

As little sense as it makes, there you have it. Despite the incredible utility of this discovery, Pym apparently swallowed it up for years instead of giving it to the world, the army, his fellow hero community, etc.

Somehow, Hawkeye had a dose of the stuff squirreled away and, being Hawkeye, he put it into an arrowhead. He carried it around for seven years, apparently, waiting for the opportunity to use it. Instead of, you know, making sure everyone had some in an emergency kit or something, he kept it to himself thinking that the best way to use something like this is to fire it at his teammates when the dire situation arises without explaining ahead of time that he had it.

This is a real baffling trick. The old tricks of the Golden and Silver Ages were intended to be goofy, but this was firmly set in the tail end of the mid 80s Bronze Age. You know, the more ‘realistic’ time.


  • Type: Utility
  • Frequency: Unique
  • Effects: Releases a gas that makes targets immune to Ultron’s attacks.
  • First Appearance: West Coast Avengers Vol. 2 #1 (1985)



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