Anti-Hulk Arrow

hdr-antihulkarrowThis one is brand new this week, and it’s part of a major story-line so it demands to be cataloged immediately. We never see it officially named, but “anti-Hulk” seems to be the phrased used in most conversations.

The Anti-Hulk Arrow was created by Bruce Banner himself. He gave it to Hawkeye and told him to use it if he should begin to Hulk out again.

It has been established that if Bruce Banner is shot, he will automatically turn into the Hulk and will survive. Physical attacks against Bruce will not kill him and even suicide is impossible. He never reveals exactly how this trick works but somehow it halts his transformation into the Hulk so that he will not recover from the arrow wound.


  • Type: Lethal
  • Frequency: Unique
  • Effects: Capable of halting Bruce Banner’s transformation into the Hulk
  • First Appearance: Civil War II #3 (2016)