Suction Cup Arrow

hdr-suctiontiparrThe Suction Cup Arrow is a special trick. The arrow is designed to stick to any surface with great strength more than capable of supporting two fully grown humans or more. It is strong enough to act as an anchor point for a rope or ladder, but subtle enough to be fired at a person without harming them. Actual suction cups require a smooth, hard surface but the Suction Cup Arrow is seen adhering to brick, cloth, and other unusual textures. It is useful for clinging to something without damaging the surface unlike a broadhead or Putty Arrow.

It functions as its own arrow or as a modular arrowhead for other tricks. It is most commonly seen on the head of a Rope Arrow, but you will also find it on Explosive Arrows, Net Arrows, and others.

What’s really amazing is that the innately humorous creation has managed to survive to this day. Like the Boxing Glove Arrow, the Suction Tip Arrow is a nod to the cartoons and gags of the day. Based upon the plungers of the day, cartoon suction cups appear to be hemispherical and made of red rubber. Plunger guns made frequent appearances in the hands of characters like Wile E. Coyote and many others. The iconic gags still appear in cartoons and video games today.

TOY-Suctioncuparrow01Perhaps the best quality of the Suction Cup Arrow is that we can play with them today in real life. Toy stores feature many different kinds of suction-tipped arrows, crossbow bolts, and darts. They don’t have the super-adhesive strength of the fictional ones, of course, but they are a good safe way to enjoy archery, especially for kids.


  • Type: Utility
  • Frequency: Uncommon
  • Effects: Arrowhead is a suction cup capable of sticking to almost anything.
  • Variations: Suction-Tip Arrow