Ice Arrow

GA-Icearrow01The Ice Arrow was originally a one-off super-arrow from the future. It was sent to Green Arrow by fans from the year 3000 AD. The trick’s first appearance is in “The Case of the Super-Arrows” from 1958. Green Arrow locked the super-arrows away as too dangerous, but the Ice Arrow would live on. Today it is a common trick of the genre.

The Ice Arrow is designed to recreate the offensive power of ice-wielding characters such as Iceman or Captain Cold. It surrounds the target completely with a layer of ice, literally freezing them in place. Fragile machinery can be destroyed with an Ice Arrow. If fired into water the volume of ice created is much greater. The archer doesn’t have the full versatility of an ice-wielder; this arrow won’t create ice walls or sculptures.

This trick is a frequent staple in the fantasy genre, as well. The magical version is abundant, especially in fantasy video games. In fact, the arrow appears in video games even more than comic books. It is seen in Injustice: Gods Among UsNeverwinter Nights,  multiple Legend of Zelda games, and several more.


  • Type: Non-Lethal Arrow
  • Frequency: Common
  • Effects: Encases the target in a block of ice.
  • Also Known As: Cryogenic Freeze Arrow, Freeze Arrow, Frozen Arrow
  • First Appearance: Adventure Comics #251 (1958)



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