Sonic Arrow

HE-Sonicarrow10The Sonic Arrow is a non-lethal trick designed to distract or incapacitate a small group of targets. It emits an incredibly loud sound similar to a siren or alarm that can very dangerous at close range. (How is this not called the Canary Cry Arrow?) It can also be useful as an alarm or tracking device.

The sound can trigger after being fired or upon impact. It usually attaches to the target through a suction tip or adhesive arrowhead making it difficult to get rid of, especially when you’re being distracted by the noise.

This trick is useful for fighting mentalists and anyone that requires intense concentration such as Green Lanterns. The sound created can be so intense that at close range it will cause pain, nausea, and temporary deafness. Total disruption of concentration is possible interrupting telepathy, mind control, and other effects.

This is a very significant trick in Hawkeye’s history. His hearing was permanently impaired after he used it at very close range to counter an attack by Crossfire. He wears a Stark designed hearing aid to this day.


  • Type: Non-Lethal
  • Frequency: Common
  • Effects: Emits a high-pitched 95 decibel sound after release.
  • Also Known As: Screamer Arrow
  • Variations: Siren Arrow, Tuning Fork Arrow, Sub-Sonic Arrow


Reality Check

Normal conversation is around 60 decibels of volume. The listed effect of 95 decibels is roughly equivalent to the noise from a motorcycle, but it is probably much louder than that. At 120 decibels sound is painful to human ears. That is the volume range of an ambulance siren or a chainsaw. 150 decibels is usually considered enough to burst your eardrums.