Pym Particle Arrow II (Growing Barrage)

hdr-pymarrow2Hawkeye (Clint Barton) is no stranger to Pym Particles, the subatomic particles discovered by Hank Pym that allow for shifts in size, strength, and density. For a time in the Avengers Clint took on the identity of Goliath and used the particles to become a giant. He also has three different tricks that use Pym Particles.

The Growing Barrage Arrow (Pym Particle Arrow II) creates a swarm of arrows by releasing an entire shrunken volley at once. This is a wide area of effect as if an entire line of archers were firing together. The barrage uses the velocity of the original arrow.

He can also use the Type II as an emergency reload. At one time, I’m pretty sure he carried a complete spare quiver shrunken with Pym Particles (I am still seeking confirmation).

Pym Particle Arrow I (The Reduction Arrow ) utilizes the famous size-shifting science to decrease the target’s size and strength.

Pym Particle Arrow III (The Goliath Arrow ) uses Pym Particles for growth and is used to trigger his transformation into Goliath.


  • Type: Lethal
  • Frequency: Very Rare
  • Effects: Arrowheads contain a volume of shrunken arrows. When fired, the payload is released and expands creating a wide volley of full-sized arrows.