Phantom Zone Arrow

The Phantom Zone Arrow is an emergency arrow, a weapon of last resort. When all else fails, the archer can banish the target to an inescapable alternate dimension.


The Phantom Zone, as it originally appeared, was discovered by Jor-El and used on the planet Krypton as a method of imprisoning criminals. The inmates of the Phantom Zone reside in a ghost-like state of existence from which they can observe, but cannot interact with, the regular universe.

Superman created the blue arrow using technology that would project the victim into the Phantom Zone. Roy Harper (Speedy) stole this arrow from Superman when the original Teen Titans were on a tour of the Fortress of Solitude proving why tours were a bad idea in the first place. Roy never used the arrow and passed it on to Mia Dearden (the new Speedy). She used the arrow on Superboy-Prime during the events of Infinite Crisis.

Unfortunately, Superboy-Prime was too powerful and managed to break out of the Phantom Zone. He had broken reality itself by punching it, so as insane as this sounds, it was fairly consistent within the story.


  • Type: Non-Lethal
  • Frequency: Unique
  • Effects: Sends the target into the Phantom Zone.
  • First Appearance: Teen Titans v3 #32 (2006)


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