Net Arrow


First created on Starfish Island as a tool of survival, the Net Arrow is one of the most common non-lethal arrows in use today by any genre archer. It hails from the days when simply dropping a net over a foe incapacitated them utterly. Things are not nearly so simple today, but even as escape methods have evolved, so has the net arrow.

HE-Netarrow2The Net Arrow is similar to the tangling class of arrows that similarly seek to wrap up the target in a mess of lines or cables. However, the net arrow has one important difference from most of those non-lethal tricks. The Net Arrow is designed to have an area of effect. It has been defined as having an area from 10 feet wide to over 30 feet wide. This allows the archer to take out entire crowds of people or larger targets such as vehicles.

The net usually constricts to the size of the target(s) to make movement more difficult. It is most often seen to release the net before reaching the target, expanding to envelope the foe before striking, though sometimes the net is released upon impact.


  • Type: Non-Lethal
  • Frequency: Common
  • Effects: Releases wide titanium mesh net through end of shaft.
  • Variations: Expanding Net Arrow, Hair Net Arrow, Plastic Net Arrow, Steel Net Arrow