Umbrella Arrow

GA-AmateurarrowsSplashThe Umbrella Arrow makes a solitary appearance in “The Amateur Arrows” (1959). In the story, we see that Green Arrow funds a camp for underprivileged children, Green Arrow Camp For Boys. In gratitude to the inspirational archer, they make him a handful of specialty arrows. At first glance the arrows appear useless for crime fighting. Later in the story, GA is forced to use the toy-like arrows to fight the Terris Brothers.

GA finds an ingenious use for the weird weapon. He uses the umbrella to slowly lower a caged animal onto the fat buffoon. This one doesn’t become a standard part of his arsenal, but it does seem to presage the Parachute Arrow.



GAContest_splashUPDATE: Research has uncovered a precursor to this story that has a precursor to this arrow. A previous Umbrella Arrow appears in “The Green Arrow Contest” from Adventure Comics #150 (1950). They are completely different devices, though, so I’m listing both here separately. In the “Green Arrow Contest,” a kid invents an umbrella arrow that is completely bulletproof. It functions more like a shield than a parachute. Where did a kid get his hands on bulletproof material to make into an arrow? No idea. Better not to ask.



  • Type: Bizarre Arrow
  • Frequency: Unique
  • Effects: An umbrella emerges when the arrow is fired into the air.
  • First Appearance: (bulletproof) Adventure Comics #150 (1950)
  • First Appearance: Adventure Comics #265 (1959)