The Amateur Arrows

Adventure Comics #265 (1959)

“The Amateur Arrows” is notable for being the first and only appearance of a number of Green Arrow’s more infamously bizarre trick arrows.

In the story, we see that Green Arrow funds a camp for underprivileged children, Green Arrow Camp For Boys. In gratitude to the inspirational archer, they make him a handful of toy-like specialty arrows. At first glance the arrows appear useless for crime fighting.

I think you can see what’s coming.

Later in the story Green Arrow and Speedy are ambushed by old foes, The Terris Brothers. The archers are forced to throw their quivers away and are left with only the trick arrows supplied by the boys at the camp to defend themselves.

The arrows and their eventual use are the main subject of the plot: a story that is largely constructed out of novel arrows. Nearly all Green Arrow stories have some aspect of new arrows and these sorts of stories are a whimsical taste of the greatest absurdity. While our heroic archers are not the architects of these arrows, they are the ones that find genuine effective ways to fight crime with them.

The trick arrows appearing in this story:

  • Doughnut Arrow (seen, never used)
  • Peppermint Stick Arrow (seen, never used)
  • Horseshoe Arrow (seen, never used or named)
  • Baby Rattle Arrow (a rattle to make babies feel better in a tragedy)
  • Bait Arrow (a fake duck makes duck calls as it travels)
  • Bubble Gum Arrow (a wad of gum creates a huge bubble as the arrow flies)
  • Umbrella Arrow (an umbrella that opens up when the arrow is fired)

Story Spotlight

  • Title: “The Amateur Arrows”
  • Writing: Robert Bernstein
  • Art: Lee Elias
  • Appearance: Adventure Comics #265 (1959)