Fake Uranium Arrow

GA-Fakeuraniumarrow2It is hard to believe that Green Arrow had a purpose in mind when he created the Fake Uranium Arrow. It was used once when he just happened to have it in his quiver. He and Speedy go back to Starfish Island, where GA was shipwrecked so long ago, and they run across some crooks that have stumbled upon his old cave. This is bad because his diary is still there and they could discover his secret identity. Fortunately, they’re carrying a Geiger counter. That perfect opportunity to use his not-actually-radioactive trick that he’s been carrying for who knows how long. One has to wonder what they would have done without it.


  • Type: Bizarre
  • Frequency: Unique
  • Effects: Radiates energy waves that simulate uranium deposits.
  • First Appearance: Adventure Comics #256 (1959)



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