Atomic Warhead Arrow

The Explosive Arrow is a powerful attack, but sometimes an archer will run up against something too powerful for standard explosives. When a situation becomes truly desperate, it is handy to have a nuclear weapon available.

Green Arrow decides that the situation is just that desperate when he’s up against Starro in JLofA #65 by himself as the rest of the League was dead or being killed. He pulls the Atomic Warhead Arrow from his quiver and fires at the nearby alien starfish. Starro swiftly catches the arrow and eats it before it can cause any damage.


Green Arrow fired an atomic warhead at a target 15 feet away. He should count himself lucky that’s all that happened. We can probably chalk this idea up to the general lack of understanding about nuclear explosions at the time. If this truly were a nuke, the entire satellite should have been shrapnel, never mind a normal human standing within firing range. We never get to see the full power of the nuke, though, so it’s possible he was merely exaggerating with the trick’s name.

Hawkeye also packed nuclear weapons. He used a “30 Megaton Depth Arrow” on Ultron, and this one is obviously an exaggeration. (Little Boy, the Hiroshima bomb, was far less than 30 megatons with a 12-18 kt payload.) Still, it seems to be far more powerful than his standard arsenal.

Ultimate Hawkeye uses a “localized nuke” against Ultimate Colossus  which he claims is limited to a blast effect of 15-20 feet from detonation point. Judge for yourself whether he was accurate in the gallery image.

The Atomic Warhead Arrow puts normal human archers in a potential damage output greater than all but the most powerful characters such as Superman or Green Lantern. Respect the trick arrow.



  • Type: Lethal
  • Frequency: Very Rare
  • Effects: The arrowhead contains nuclear fueled explosives creating an absolutely immense explosion.
  • Variations: 30 Megaton Depth Arrow, Localized Nuke Arrow
  • First Appearance: Justice League of America #65 (1968)