Bouquet Arrow

“Laugh, Crime, Laugh!”

In the Golden Age, Green Arrow had his own clown themed nemesis Bull’s Eye. In his final story, “Laugh, Crime, Laugh” (I love that title), Bull’s-Eye manages to exchange the quivers of Green Arrow and Speedy with useless gag arrows. (This trick would be revisited years later when The Joker replaced Batman’s utility belt with gags.)

One of the arrows we see in action is a Flower Arrow, turning into a harmless bouquet of flowers before it reaches its target.

Normally, this kind of arrow wouldn’t make the catalog because it is obviously not intentional nor created by the archer.

Then Hawkeye made one.

In Avengers #173, Hawkeye is trying to cheer up the Scarlet Witch when he reveals he has been working on some new arrows. One of these is the Bouquet Arrow, which releases a bouquet of flowers on a parachute for a lovely presentation.


  • Type: Bizarre
  • Frequency: Very, Very Rare
  • Effects: A beautiful bouquet of flowers is produced upon firing the arrow.
  • First Appearance: Adventure Comics #138 (1949)