Buzz Saw Arrow

hdr-buzzsawarrThe Buzz Saw Arrow was created by Speedy in the story “Have Arrow, Will Travel.” Speedy was taking on extra work to raise money when Oliver refused to buy a boat for him. (I’m not kidding.) Using the Buzz Saw Arrow, Speedy could fell an entire forest in an afternoon. The story also saw the first appearance of the Chimney-Sweep Arrow, a more bizarre utility arrow.

Unlike the Chimney-Sweep Arrow, the Buzz Saw Arrow was not only useful on a more regular basis, it was potentially deadly, too. Green Arrow had a selection of arrows that were basically power tools on arrow shafts. They could be used as effectively fired from a bow as they were when operated by hand. Like most utility arrows, it is rarely used on living targets.

Even though Speedy says that it’s collapsible, exactly how this fits into a quiver is one of the greater mysteries of trick arrow technology.


  • Type: Utility Arrow, Lethal Arrow
  • Frequency: Uncommon
  • Effects: An arrow with a surprisingly broad, motorized circular saw blade attached. It can be used as a hand-held tool as well as a projectile.
  • First Appearance: Adventure Comics #263 (1959)