Boomerang Arrow

Boomerang Arrow. Respect it.When Green Arrow began his crime fighting career in 1941, he used a very basic arsenal: standard arrows, and a few of the more mundane trick arrows such as the Rope Arrow and the Net Arrow. The first truly fantastic trick arrow to appear, the Boomerang Arrow, showed up in Adventure Comics #108 in September 1946. Today, the Boomerang Arrow is a fairly common stock arrow for most genre archers. The arrow has been seen in comics, animation, and various video games.

Capitalizing on the element of surprise, the Boomerang Arrow is designed to make turns during the flight path. It can fly around a target several times, shoot around corners, or make a complete U-turn and strike targets from behind. It usually has a blunt head for a stunning, non-lethal attack, though occasionally it has been seen with a lethal arrowhead. In some versions, the turn is triggered by remote control, but other types automatically turn after a certain distance. It is not uncommon to have an Arrowline attached.

The head and shaft contain complex circuitry that manipulates the balance of the arrow. Alternately, it could use other mechanisms such as explosives, rockets, or magnetism to alter the flight path. One version even had an arrowhead made of an actual boomerang.


  • Type: Lethal, Non-Lethal
  • Frequency: Surprisingly Common
  • Effects: Contains homing-circuitry-controlled weight-shifting mechanism. The path of flight can be altered to create a turn of up to 180 degrees and strikes target from behind.
  • First Appearance: Adventure Comics #108 (1946)