Safecracker Arrow

The Safecracker Arrow was created by Green Arrow a part of his unbelievably diverse Golden Age arsenal. For a time, he created such a broad assortment of arrows that he truly could be ready for any situation. It could be very dangerous if used on a living target, but it is not designed as an offensive weapon.

This arrow is designed to cut through very thick, strong materials. It attaches to to the side of a safe (or a steel door, a heavy lock, etc.) and slowly drills through. Once fired, the arrow automatically continues to work without further guidance from the archer.

This is probably a variant of the Acetylene Arrow, though it might also be a variation of the Drill Arrow.


  • Type: Utility Arrow
  • Frequency: Very rare
  • Effects: An arrow head that can attach itself to a surface as it burns/cuts through.


Reality Check

A variety of torches can be used to create a hole in the side of a safe large enough to remove its contents. Oxy-acetylene torches can operate at temperatures of up to 4500° F, but that isn’t hot enough to bore through the side of a large safe in a timely manner. Plasma cutters and thermic lances are both capable of creating enough heat to burn through a large safe.



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