Bola Arrow


The Bola Arrow is a common trick arrow for most genre archers. It has been seen in comics, animation, and video games as well. The Bola Arrow has a set of bolas that deploy before reaching the target. The arrow has three small weights on the arrowhead attached to cables. When the Bola Arrow is loosed, the balls begin rapidly spinning by means of a wind-up mechanism. After only a few feet of traveling, the balls overcome the adhesive that fits them to their carrying assembly and they deploy to the ends of their tethers. An Arrowline may be attached.

The Bola Arrow is a non-lethal trick arrow designed for restraining the target. It is in the class of entangling arrows, tricks for wrapping up the target in cables or ropes.


  • Type: Non-Lethal
  • Frequency: Very Common
  • Effects: Releases three small heavy balls on 18 inch cables to entwine the target.
  • Also Known As: Bolo Arrow
  • Variations: Hair Net Arrow, Mummy Arrow, Net Arrow, Tangling Arrow


Reality Check

Gauchos use bolas, or boleadoras, to capture running cattle or game. The weapon is usually used to entangle the animal’s legs, but when thrown with enough force might even inflict damage (i.e., breaking a bone).

Traditionally, Inuit have used bolas to hunt birds, fouling the birds in air with the lines of the bola.